Imagine This For A Second...

"What If You Could AVOID The Biggest Mistakes That Get Most Guys TRAPPED In The Friend Zone... And Start Making Her WANT To Date You?"

“Mate… You are awesome. This thing actually works. I was the guy that every girl would come and talk to about problems and stuff. When I met this girl that I like A LOT and I got in her friend zone. But I tried what you said… And I finally got the girl!!! Thanks a lot man! You rock!”
Our mutual friends are starting to think we’re together, but it’s entirely her doing!”
“Thanks for the advice. Advice, I might add, that I followed pretty closely… and it worked pretty darn good!”

What you’ll discover:

  • The first thing you absolutely need to do if she says she only wants to be friends (WARNING: Skip this step, and you can kiss your chances of dating her goodbye forever)
  • The undercover, almost-sneaky way of asking her out and make her say YES every single time (GUARANTEED to give her an experience she’ll NEVER forget and brag to her friends about)
  • There are 5 universal traits that every woman finds attractive in a man… Here are 3 simple things you can do to show her you embody these traits, and get her to see you as a completely new mannot next week, not next month, but as early as TODAY
  • How to correct the fundamental and fatal mistakes that you’ve made that caused her to categorize you in the “just friends” section of her life (Stealth Attraction will subtly make her want you EVEN IF she’s already given you the “let’s just be friends” line)
  • Compliments are good, but most guys are doing it completely wrong and end up turning her off — here’s a secret technique of how to come across as a charming man without being cheesy or looking like a try-hard (this technique has ABSOLUTELY NO RISK of backfiring and falling flat on your face)
“I’m certain that following the rest of your advice will push her into my arms and into a very nice relationship between the two of us.”
I had a better time with her in months because I was relaxed, aware of your strategy, and no longer felt the pressure to say something or make a move.”
“If I read your book a few months ago things would definitely be a lot different now.”

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